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Raihan Ali
Jul 13, 2022
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Reason for the Localization of Niu Technology Is to Look Forward to the Possibility That This Growth Momentum Will Overturn Taiwan's Fresh Milk. in 2017, Xiaohe and His Team Went to Israel to Learn the "Dry Milking" Technology, Adjusted the Original Method of Washing Cow Udders and Then Milking, and Cleaned Cow Udders Through Disinfection and Sterilization to Improve the Ratio of Raw Milk Quality to A-Grade Milk. in Addition, in 2019, He Went to Denmark to Study the Ranch Management Model, and Gradually Established the Sop System and Kpi Concept to Help the Ranch Operate More Efficiently. It Also Indirectly Motivated Xiaohe to Create a System of "Little Ranch Supervisors" to Alleviate the Problems That Taiwan's Dairy custom t shirts Farming Is More Likely to Face. Manpower Shortage. Brand Photo 3 Photo Credit: Mizuho Provides "Customized Service for the Ranch", and the Dairy Factory and Dairy Farmer Learn and Benefit Together After Importing New Technology from Abroad, How to Promote It in Taiwan and Make Local Adjustments Is a Big Challenge. Lin Jiahong, a Front-Line Counselor Who Is in Charge of Caring for the Condition of the Ruisui Fresh Milk Cooperative Farm and Providing Technical Guidance for Dairy Farmers, Shared: "Many Dairy Farmers Have Been Raising Cattle for Decades, and It Is Very Important for Them to Change Their Feeding Methods and Learn New Technologies. Challenges, So We Need to Take into Account the Physical Level of the Ranch, the Psychological Level of the Dairy Farmers, and Are There Any Technical Difficulties That Cannot Be Overcome? Provide the Most Customized Suggestions.” Under the Precise Division of Labor in the Industry Chain, the Mizuho Golden Staff Team Performs Their Own Duties to Guard Each Link. There Are Counselors in the Ranch to Listen to the Voices of Dairy Farmers and Immediate Technical Support, and Veterinarians Practice Preventive Medical Care. Cattle Health, Dairy Nutritionists Plan Cattle Feed Formulations

Raihan Ali

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