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sonali afrin
Apr 11, 2022
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Editor's introduction: Nowadays, people's consumption concept has changed, and many people will use the form of advanced consumption to meet their living requirements; there are also many lending platforms on the market, the most commonly buy email list used is Alipay's Huabei, and now ByteDance is also shaking Yinxin launched "Reassuring Flower"; the author of this article has analyzed and thought about it, let's take a look. With hundreds of millions of active users on its platforms such as Toutiao and Douyin, ByteDance has launched a new financial loan product "Reassured Flower" in Douyin after "borrowing with confidence", "full score" and "reserve fund". Can it change the financial landscape? 1. Douyin internal test rest assured to spend, benchmarking Alipay "Huabei" A product called "Reassured Flower" has been launched in the Douyin App. "Reassured Flower" is a financial product under Douyin, buy email list which is positioned as a platform that provides loan service technology. The test entrance is located in the Douyin App - Personal Center - Wallet, and it is listed in the same window as another loan product of Bytes. "Reassured Flower" is actually derived from "Monthly Flower"; Tech Planet reported that "Monthly Flower" was tested on Douyin's Duoshan App. And it will be gradually opened to all users in the later stage; the application method requires individuals to fill in the application information, and the official can evaluate it according to the personal income and other information filled in. The distribution buy email list quota can be up to 10,000, which is currently only supported when purchasing DOU+ in the Douyin App. The amount and interest borrowed by Rest assured Flower needs to be paid off on the 1st of the next month, and on the 6th at the latest, otherwise there will be accountability, such as a title; in terms of business model, ByteDance is mainly responsible for providing traffic.

sonali afrin

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