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sumi123 sumi123
Apr 02, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Heatmaps are a great tool when you want to learn more about your Latest Mailing Database website visitors. They will help you see where people click on the page, where they scroll, and how long they stay on the site. 1) What your visitors want Latest Mailing Database Heatmaps help us understand the needs of our visitors. We may find that many people click on images or buttons we never thought of before - it turns out to be one of your most important calls to action! The word "want" written on a whiteboard 2) What image Latest Mailing Database works well Heatmaps can show us which images grab people's attention. We might find that a photo of the Eiffel Tower inspires more clicks than a picture with Latest Mailing Database a corporate logo! a mouse 3) Which elements are confusing Heatmaps can also reveal elements that people don't understand. We may find that most of our visitors are looking for a button or a piece of content, but Latest Mailing Database they ignore it because it doesn't stand out enough! wavy light stripes. What is most important When there are multiple elements on a page, heatmaps can help us decide to focus our time and energy on the best things to Latest Mailing Database do. We might find that people spend half their time looking at the bottom right image, which means it might be worth adding some extra info or moving things around! With all these Latest Mailing Database insights into the behavior of your website visitors, we can make better decisions about how they want to navigate the page online.
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sumi123 sumi123

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