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Tanmoy Mukharjee
Jul 16, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Also read: Google's search results buy email database page is changing: how can you still make an impact with SEO? The advantage of responding to reviews is also that you can include certain keywords in your responses. In the event that buy email database these come across naturally and are relevant to the response, of course. These are also signals to Google and it gives your Business Profile more context. For example, take a look at the buy email database two reviews below. Which response do you think has the most value? Review Google Business Profile Review Google Business Profile 4. Make Q&A work for you Within a buy email database company profile, searchers have the option to ask questions in the 'question-and-answer' section. For example, you can get a quick answer to a question related to the customer buy email database service of that company. Or you, as a searcher for a restaurant, can quickly find out whether or not they offer your favorite dish. When a question is asked, Google suggests a number buy email database of answers. Google obtains this information from reviews, but also from other input within the information section of the company profile or, for example, posts you place. Questions Google Business Profile buy email database As an owner, you have the opportunity to ask questions and answers yourself. If you see that a lot of questions are being asked about a certain topic (keyword), you can ask them yourself and answer them as the owner. This brings 2 advantages. First of all, when a question is asked buy email database about this topic in the future, the answer is immediately displayed. This way you have the answer in your own hands instead of Google showing suggestions from reviews. This can work to your buy email database advantage, for example, if many negative reviews have been placed on a subject in the past.
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Tanmoy Mukharjee

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